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This is basically just a funny little playground for me to figure out how to code html, so there's like...nothing here of substance yet. Any pages I want to share will be on the sidebar on the left, though, so feel free to poke around!


Check out my friends 'n neighbors, too! website button. has sailor moon on it website button. has exploding horses on it website button. it's sleek and monochrome. the wyrm tunnel website button. has a wyrm on it. kiro's galaxy website button. it has an alien vibe. baero website button. there is a baer on it.

sunnyshines website button. it's black and red.

Check out some comix!

button for the webcomic objectified. it's very murky. button for the webcomic unicorn jelly. it's very blue. button for the webcomic what happens next (will shock you). it's very pink.

V Advertise me! V website button. it's very blue.

little dancey dance.