A Pokémon Egg is an object from which most Pokémon are known to hatch, or so says Bulbapedia. In most Pokémon media, an egg's shell reflects the Pokémon resting inside- meanwhile, in the mainline games, every egg has the same generic appearance. On Shula, however, the appearance of an egg reflects the type of the Pokémon inside, and while in my own hypothetical Pokémon game I'd probably stick to the generic egg design for simplicity I think these eggs (and the spritework done by Nix/Gardeon) should be displayed somewhere. So they'll be displayed here!

Normal-type Fire-type Water-type Electric-type Grass-type Ice-type
Fighting-type Poison-type Ground-type Flying-type Psychic-type Bug-type
Rock-type Ghost-type Dragon-type Dark-type Steel-type Fairy-type

As stated above, these eggs were sprited by Nix/Gardeon on Shula, and do not belong to me. I'm honestly just rehosting them here for shorter link urls. :P