The Web Star himself. Sort of a mascot at this point. Between the size of a mason jar and a small dog. You'll see a lot of him around the site, both because I like him and because he's dead easy to draw. Whenever a friend lets me request art, I usually ask for Florim.

Florim is a depressed, lonesome slime-thing. He is always kind of vaguely moist, to the point where he will leave a damp trail as he moves (provided he's moving slowly enough). He tends to be very down most of the time, though that doesn't stop him from getting into hijinks and mishaps and such.

His mouth is essentially a portal to a certain pocket of outer space, and when he opens it you can look in and see stars. Anything that enters his mouth, as such, gets kind of scunched to hell and back.

He can not absorb objects through his slime- he can (and frequently does) keep things suspended, but he doesn't have acidic or dissolving properties.

He can summon a red solo cup at will, though whether this is true summoning and not just him storing several solo cups inside his very small body for later grabbage is unclear. He does not offer them to people, but if anybody else drinks from one anything put in it will taste. Bad.

Maybe that's why he's so bummed all the time.

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