Decor Credits/Resources

Almost every decorative graphic on the main pages (denoted by the blue grid background) is my art or old web salvage that thus can't be linked back to an original creator. If they were made by someone else and I have a link to the creator, clicking the image will take you to the creator's page!

My character pages have galleries, and these galleries often have art not made by me. Clicking those will take you to the artist, too! (And if not you can always find art sourcing on the associated page :])

Here's a list of graphics resources I used to help decorate my site!


anlucas 90's-2000's 88x31 button collection
A salvaged collection of 700+ 88x31 web buttons from the 90s/2000s.

dokodemo's button collection / dokodemo's F2U graphics
Another small collection of 88x31 buttons, including website buttons (don't use those for decoration though haha) + some free to use page decor made by the site webmaster.

the rainbow locker [bright color warning]
Blinkies, stamps, pagedolls, buttons, icons...Olivia's got a lot hoarded! Her stash favors bright colors and y2k/scene aesthetics.

shishka's graphics collection
See the site sidebar for all the graphics categories- Shishka has a lot of variety! (Page decor aside, check out their art too, it's really cool :D)

momsagainstinternetuse-archive on tumblr
Very big and very cool archive of internet graphics and decor! There's something for everyone here, I think.

thegroovyarchives on tumblr
Graphic design scans, photos, and typography generally from the 60s-80s. Haven't actually used anything from here yet but it's sooo good for inspiration.

graph1cs on tumblr
Links directly to the little blue dancing stick figure I use on some pages. Huge collection of 'webcore' graphics. Pleasantly crunchy.

nintendogif on tumblr [eyestrain warning]
Links directly to the gif of Kirby and Waddle Dee playing DS. Exactly what the title says- Nintendo gifs! Untagged posts, though :(

nymphoe on deviantart
Small collection of free-to-use stamps. Where I got the Pikachu stamp on the blog archive from.
Large resource site for 88x31 buttons. Includes a page talking about the history of these buttons.

And finally,
Huge collection of old internet gifs, collected and hosted by the Internet Archive.

Also some of my gifs are from the website (. .)b


Pagebuilding Credits/Resources

As for resources for the actual pagebuilding bit, I made use of these pages!


sadgrl's layout builder
A simple but effective layout builder, with very clean and heavily-commented code. Easy to understand, and an excellent springboard for making a site layout.

WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool
A tool that scans websites and points out ways they can potentially be inaccessible.
Free/anonymous file hosting. Just don't upload what you don't want on there forever, I guess. :P
I didn't actually end up using this because I was too lazy to even download, but here's a simple and free blogging template- they even provide a quick start guide specifically geared for Neocities sites! / ayano's neocities comment widget
Beside being a very nicely-built and appealing website (great job you guys :D), Ayano's comment widget is easy to understand and very heavily commented so there's no confusion. Would recommend, 10/10.

(I didn't end up implementing this, but if you're also using this widget and want to add auto-moderation, this blog post by Frills might be of interest.

neocities guide by agentromanoffsir on tumblr / their own site :)
Full disclosure I did not use this guide at all but I credit it crossing my dashboard with my sudden spike in motivation to come back and overhaul my site. Thanks Maddie :D

Free-to-use, fully responsive layouts with both HTML and CSS. I didn't use these, but I wanted to put their site up because it's nice to see. :)


Also, here are a few resource lists that are much better than mine (that I may have ganked some links from).

sadgrl's webmaster links

justfluffingaround's resources